About Jacqueline

I sat as a Senior in high school, pondering the same question like any any other student, “Where am I going to college?”

I filled out my Iowa State University application with the only motive of staying close to home, and getting to continue on with some of my best friends. Never actually taking a second to consider what school was a good fit for the education goals I had for myself.

All I have ever loved was the words that were behind a cover. My passion for books and the love of literature was planted in my heart ever since I can remember being in 5th grade and loving the library more than I enjoyed going home to turn on the TV.

When I was in 6th grade my parents let me gain access to a desktop and I wrote my first ever story. A 36 paged story at the age of 12.18034251_1314224771947446_4288460286200960806_n

I declared English as my major going into college. Iowa State University isn’t quite the best school for an English major when further east you can find The University of Iowa where you can find one of the most prestigious writers workshops, somewhere I always felt I should’ve gone instead of feeling weak and falling into the “ISU Train” and following several classmates to college.

It was a summer night when I was sitting in my friends car freaking out about what I wanted to do next to keep moving towards a future career. I felt like I was having a quarter life crisis. I felt English wasn’t filling my heart. Suddenly literature classes were becoming more tedious than enjoyable. Then I made a decision, and after some paperwork and discussions with my advisers, I found home in a small building on the east side of campus.

Hello, journalism.15338877_1178990032137588_4370855533881749682_n.jpg

I found home through the subjects of news media, magazines, and gaining work experience in interviews and being a journalist. I felt whole when I stood in the middle of Hilton Colosseum between the two basketball hoops I’d watched my favorite athletes make their shots so many times. I was simply there to assist the photographer assigned to an article I was writing and being there I couldn’t help but feel content.

Life has a funny way of working out, and all the doubt and confusion I felt having chosen Iowa State over a prestigious writing school when all along I was home. Hamilton hall, home of the Greenlee School, one of the best programs in Journalism and Communications in the country.

I’m just on this adventure trying to gain the most experience I can before graduating and hoping I end up somewhere sports related. For now, I’m just an amateur blogger, figuring life out.


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