Working with what you have

After Peyton Manning’s retirement, the Broncos ended their 2016-2017 season 9-7 with Trevor Siemian as starting quarterback and rookie Paxton Lynch as back up.

Head coach, Gary Kubiak, dropped the news at the end of the season that he’d be retiring due to health reasons leaving the Broncos once again, missing a crucial member of the team.

The Broncos hired Vance Joseph, former Dolphins offensive coordinator, to replace Kubiak.

Joseph was quick to start making changes among the team. Among those changes came the question what would happen next for the starting quarterback position? After a rocky season that ended in missing the playoffs, the QB position went into question.

Siemian earned the position as starter and ended the season with impressive stats for his first year as starter. Siemian had an 18-10 touchdown-to-interception ratio and an 84.6 passer rating, stats that were better than Manning’s the previous year.

Rumors started that Tony Romo, former Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback, had mentioned having his eyes on the Broncos.

“I think Romo would be a good choice for them [Broncos]. They’d benefit with a player who’s been in that starting position for a long time. If it weren’t for his injuries Romo could’ve done good things for the Cowboys but they got lucky with Prescott, it’s time he finds a new home,” says Alexandra Schmitt, a Dallas Cowboy fan at Iowa State University.

Romo was injured in the preseason which affected his position with the Cowboys. Rookie, Dak Prescott proved to deserve the starting position just as much if not more.

The Broncos roster is stacked with some of the top players in the game. To come in as a new coach and rebuild from the ground up would make no sense when you have all the proper tools to be successful. Siemian earned his spot fair and square last preseason and has the stats to show for it even with his injuries, again, would it make sense to start over?

Lynch made his first official start in week 5, taking over for Siemian due to injury. Lynch finished with 23-of-35 passes for 223 yards, one touchdown and one interception giving the Broncos their first loss of the season to the Falcons.

“I think Siemian proved he’s capable and Lynch has a lot of potential for growth. I do think a veteran could really help them out with their experience and in this case, Romo could be key,” says Trent Pease, a student at Iowa State.

Joseph made the announcement early Tuesday morning that he would indeed keep both Siemian and Lynch with the support of general manager, John Elway and offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy.

Bringing in a veteran could really change the whole game like who gets how much play time on and off the field. The question even lies could this take away from the growth of Siemian or Lynch?

In a statement to ESPN, Joseph said, “They’re both smart guys. Obviously different skill sets, but I’m committed to both of those kids. They’re good football players and we’ve got to build around those guys.”


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