A New Era

“I think it’s refreshing,” says Trent Pease about Iowa State’s new head football coach, Matt Campbell, “That’s exactly what these boys need after a season that definitely had more downs than ups.”


Iowa State finished the 2015 football season 3-9. Not a very confident spot for the program and rumors of Rhoads job being on the line if certain criteria wasn’t met. The rumors were true, and at the end of the season the official announcement came that there was changes coming to the program.


November 28 was when Matt Campbell, former Toledo head coach, had agreed to take Coach Rhoads’ spot. Campbell had left a mark of 35-15 and had led the team to three bowl games and helped influence them to their fourth at the end of his time with Toledo.


Campbell has become a symbol of hope for Iowa State football.


Campbell’s passion has been evident. For the student’s of Iowa State, after a not so promising season, were left discouraged with what next year would have to offer. After Campbell’s official hiring  student’s were a bit on the fence what to expect.


“At first I wondered what he had to offer to the table, his stats showed talent, but overall I was still skeptical. After his appearances and his constant positivity on social media it’s exciting. His passion is evident, he’s here to start a legacy,” said Trent Pease.


After the first recruiting class proof of his new legacy was more evident. Campbell and his coaching staff had signed promising players to offer a new future. Students like Chase Allen, Sean Foster, and the Bailey twins were signed, boys filled with talent.


When Campbell came to Iowa State as Toledo’s coach to play against the Cyclones in 2014 he couldn’t describe the energy he felt, he even called his wife, Erica, to tell her how much he liked the place and could see a potential future there, he described in an interview with the Des Moines Register in February.


“We can’t expect to go from 3-9 to the top of of the Big 12 in one year. I am excited to see what he (Campbell) has to bring to the table, I think we could do great things,” said Michael Knight.


Slowly winning the fans over, Campbell, is marking his legacy as we gear up for this year’s spring game this upcoming Saturday.

“Picking up where Rhoads left off, he’s striving to surpass that, and break the current record trends from the past year,” says Clare Schoonmaker.

A storm is brewing and Campbell is front row to Iowa State’s new era.


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