Locker room banter is just locker room banter

I want to start by saying that this issue does not matter what your political affiliation is. It does not matter where you were born, where you live, the color of your skin or what gender you are. I don’t care if you were born a man and now a woman or the other way around. It does not matter if you’re gay  or straight. It does not matter if you are Atheist or Christian, etc, etc, etc, etc..

I don’t care where your vote is going.

EVERYBODY should agree that sexual assault is wrong and rape is not okay. Donald Trump only brought an even brighter light on the problem within the “rape culture”.

What does matter is that somehow sexual assault is somehow still a light topic. Somehow women (and men) are still risking everyday being sexually assaulted and there being a higher chance of victim blaming and the guilty walking free instead of victims receiving the justice they deserve.

I’m not here as an angry liberal or a raging feminist. I’m not here to start an anti-trump campaign.

I’m here to talk about the fact that somehow Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for the president of the United States, legitimately has tried to brush off sexual assault and what really stands out to me is that there is actual people trying to defend him and his excuse for sexual assault which is just “locker room banter”. He says we need to focus on the issues we’re facing today.


Sexual assault is an issue we are facing today and it’s really disappointing that he is trying to say this isn’t a current issue. It’s offensive. It’s literally sad that someone who wants us to believe he can run our country is shrugging off sexual assault. We need more powerful people to be advocates. To show they care and they also think it’s wrong. It doesn’t take a person of power to know that.

It’s time America wakes the hell up and stands up to people like this. We need to stop acting like RAPE isn’t serious. We need to stop letting men get away with calling assaults something like “locker room” talk.

But Donald apologized?

No. He didn’t. He wrote up a pathetic statement that he thought he could take the time to bring up old stories and try to make himself look better. What I would’ve liked to hear from Donald is a genuine apology about how what he said was wrong. I would’ve liked to hear him answer the question directed at him about consent with an educated and genuine answer.I would’ve liked him to show us that he is a different man and show some advocacy over sexual assault.

He literally said, “Sorry if that offended you” is that not a statement you say when you don’t actually feel bad for what you did but you kind of just want to throw a bone at us to hopefully think we’ll feel better about it. It makes me understand that Trump isn’t sorry he said what he did, he’s just sorry that we found out and that it upset us for some reason.

Instead he’s trying to do what he’s best at and point fingers at absolutely everything  else and draw the attention away from the fact that he indeed did exactly what he’s being accused of. He tries to use Bill Clinton’s consensual affair (no, an affair is not right. But Bill and Monica had a consensual agreement) to try and distract us from his lewd conversation.

His wife asks that we forgive her husband like she did. Why couldn’t she like vice presidential nominee Pence (who went on to make sure we knew he does think it was wrong and doesn’t agree with it), accept what he did is exactly whats wrong with our rape culture. Why didn’t she take this time to help show us she is capable of being her own person. Why didn’t she stand up for women and show some advocacy for this problem instead of being a part of the problem and pretending the issue isn’t that big of deal.

Are you not a woman, Melania, does rape culture not apply to you?

The problem with this is, that it’s just a reflection of what we’re teaching our boys who will one day grow to be men. Time and time again we’ve seen the idea of “boys will be boys” to cover up why any male would think sexual assault is okay. “Locker room talk” is just another concept of that as well. Somehow finding the perfect phrase to take away the power behind the word rape is a good reason to dismiss our men who deserve to be punished and the poor victims find their justice. Actual terms used in court cases where rapists walked free.

If you were outraged by Brock Turner then you should be outraged about Trump. This is all in this culture.

When will we stop finding the right slogan or perfect excuse to make it okay that we’re teaching our men to rape and get away with it. When will our country stop thinking of the guilty and focus on the victims. When will we start showing the men of our country that it isn’t okay to treat women the way some men have been treating them and the way they have been displaying. When will people with power stand up to stop this! (I’m talking to all the judges, university presidents and law enforcement officials who have shrugged their shoulders).

Everyone seems to need a reminder of what consent is specially Donald who refused to answer the question on what consent is:

Consent is to be verbal. Consent is what you need before you think you have a right to touch a person anywhere. Consent is an agreement that the person is okay with being touched.

A woman is drunk? She can’t give you consent.
A woman is high? She can’t give you consent.
A woman said no? She didn’t give you consent.
She wore a short shirt or revealing top? She’s not giving you consent.
She flirted with you at the bar so you think this is her telling you she wants you to touch her?  You’re wrong.
You’re making out but she said no she didn’t want to have sex with you? She’s not giving you consent.

And Mr. Trump to be clear with you,

Just because you’re a star? Yeeeee- NO. Nobody is giving you consent due to your social status.
You can’t do anything you want as you stated.
You made a move on her and she rejected you? She’s not giving you consent which you went on to say you can do whatever you want and it’s fine even though she clearly was making it clear you did not have consent to touch her.

And no, you can’t just grab them by the pussy because you can because that’s sexual assault.


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