Why it’s okay to take your cheating ex back

You love them so much and they’re the only one who makes you happy. You want your friends to understand how important they are to you and how if you can move past their mistake than you’d appreciate if they did too.

They apologized a 100 times and have been trying so hard to prove it. They’ve suddenly turned over a new leaf and are making you feel just like they did when you first fell in love. That’s what counts, right? They’re t r y i n g. They regret it and wish they could take it all back.

Let me tell you why you’re totally justified.

Respect. DO you remember what that is? It’s pretty necessary in any successful relationship. Your person sure respected you when they betrayed your trust. Something also very vital to a relationship. But hey, they said sorry. The perfect glue to the broken pieces of your trust.

The respect they have for you truly radiates. It really radiated when they ran to someone else for the things you already give them whole heartedly.

They love you though, you can swear it on a bible. That’s honestly really great news. I’m sure they were thinking about how much they loved you when they were kissing someone other than you. You weren’t in a relationship or anything. Again, it’s okay because they’ve said enough “I love you’s” to mend that wound.

You’re insecure now because what led them to cheat on you in the first place, anyway? That’s not a problem with you, it’s a problem with them. They just can’t seem to find satisfaction or fullness in the person standing right in front of them. Don’t blame yourself because there is nothing wrong with you.  But they have put that thought in your head. You’re not good enough and don’t tell me you haven’t thought it late at night when you lay in bed questioning were you went wrong.

It’s okay because getting back with them is the perfect medicine to boost your self0esteem they brought down in the first place.

We date to marry. I don’t care what you want to comment on that but the people you date and see could very easily be your future spouse. Your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you, perfect spouse quality, really. Someone who had such little respect for you, didn’t care about trust and found satisfaction in someone else while being committed to you is exactly what your mom and dad think of when they think of the person you should marry.

We’re young and life is too short. You weren’t created to be “loved” by someone who doesn’t honor the most basic commitments we make when getting in relationships. What does that honestly scream to you that they’re marriage material?

Oh, you’re not actually going to marry them? You don’t see it lasting forever and you’re really just embracing the now? Maybe when something better comes around you’ll leave them but for now they’ve apologized and you love them so it’s okay. For now. That’s great news. You have serious issues with yourself if that’s what you’re thinking when staying with someone who had such little respect for you.

Don’t forget there is only one you. Take care of yourself, love yourself and value yourself. We’re too young to be dealing with the short end of the stick and dating shitty people.

But who am I to judge or understand when I haven’t experienced it myself? Excuse me while I sip my tea.



photo: weheartit




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