Starbucks: The Jesus Haters

It’s that wonderful time of the year and we can’t deny that even though thanksgiving hasn’t even come our love for Christmas can’t be denied. I work in a grocery story and the day after Halloween our Christmas stuff was out and smacking you right in the face. Attached to our store is Starbucks. I don’t keep up with everything going on in the world as much as I wish, simply because I get really busy with school and work. I saw people walking around the store with bright red cups from Starbucks, I didn’t think much of it simply because I’m not a huge fan of Starbucks, I’m more of a Caribou drinker so to be honest, I didn’t even know they did a holiday cup every year. So you bet I had no clue anything was going on in the world with Christians outraged over this new design.

Let me tell you, I love Jesus, and I can and have publicly declared that. I love Christmas, everything about it from the Christmas service at church, something I have loved since I was a little kid, and I love everything about ABC’s days of Christmas, the food, the presents, I even enjoy the snow that falls that night. But when I was asked how I felt about the outrage going on, I was caught off guard. What do Christians have to do with Starbucks cups?

Why, as Christians, are we being represented among the world right now for the angry people about the red cups. I’m sorry, maybe I just can’t comprehend, but why is it an issue that Starbucks took this route this year? So their design team decided to take it a different direction this year, in which I highly doubt any member who helped decide on this design said, “Screw Christmas and what it stands for, let’s make it plain red!”.

People are actually boycotting Starbucks because they “aren’t celebrating Christmas and the importance of it.” I’m sorry, but that is one of the most ridiculous things I have heard. We survived the time when all stores started wishing people “Happy Holidays” instead of “Have a Merry Christmas”. I think we can surpass a company deciding what design would be the most in style for the season and this years design. If anything, is Starbucks not doing what as Christians we are all commanded to do? WHICH is to love everyone. Instead of ridiculing them, we should be loving on them for this years campaign in giving everyone a fair opportunity of enjoying the HOLIDAYS. As much as I would love for everyone to love Jesus as much as I do, I have come to the acceptance that, clearly, that will not be the case. There are people with different beliefs, and different things they celebrate, and as a Christian, I can only do so much in some cases and that’s just spread the love God commanded of me.

This isn’t the first company to stray from “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays”. 1, It’s business, a company will only be smart in making sure all customers feel welcomed. 2, MAKING SURE TO LOVE EVERYONE. Why are we constantly as Christians doing everything we can to only show the world hate for not following what we do?

I love Jesus, and that’s the third time I’ve said that in this post, and I will say it again, I LOVE JESUS. My heart truly wants everyone to feel loved even if we don’t believe the same things. I am extremely confident that Jesus wants that and is proud of me when I do nothing but spread his love to ALL. So if Starbucks wants to create a “Write your own story” feel holiday cup, DO IT, make everyone feel loved and welcomed.

Why aren’t we as Christians doing more “radical” (yes radical, because why are we arguing about red cups) things to spread Christianity in situations in our world who really need it. For example where is the Christian voice in the constant situations with police officials, where is the Christian outrage in black people fighting to be equal among society IN 2015!? Natural Disasters? “National Adoption Day”? Why isn’t there more talk about that because the amount of children needing families and the beauty of adoption wasn’t and hasn’t been talked about as much as I have seen news updates about Starbucks and their new cup. I can list so many other situations of things going on that needs the voice and love and outrage of Christians over A CUP DESIGN. Why are we acting like Starbucks designed a cup with the words “F*** Jesus” because THEY DIDN’T.

I’m sorry to all the Christians in the world who are so focused on this situation because this isn’t the type of things Jesus wants us to be out fighting for. I’m so sorry to the non-Christians who have another situation to add to a list on why they should turn their backs on us. This is ridiculous and the more you focus on the negatives you’re forgetting what Christmas is about, and that’s once again sharing the Good News and spreading Gods amazing love.

Do you, Starbucks! I might even make a coffee purchase to rock my own red cup.


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